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William Wordsworth was born on 7th April, 1770 in Cockermouth, Cumberland, England. William became an orphan at the age of 13 after his mother passed away when he was just 7. Those times were one of William Wordsworth’s toughest experiences.

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William Wordsworth’s Education

After the death of his parents, William stood forth to his grounds and excelled where he attended school, Hawkshead Grammar School. That was the first time and place where he penned his first poem. After Hawkshead Grammar, William Wordsworth went on to be enrolled at Cambridge University. He graduated in the year, 1791.

In 1790 before his graduation, William Wordsworth visited France during the French Revolution. He was notable supporter of the then government’s Republican plans for the country.

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William Wordsworth’s Wife

William Wordswoth, on his returned journey to France the following year, he had an encounter with Annette Vallon. The two had a life together. He fell in love with her and their romantic life surged up. Annette Vallon got pregnant for William during their relationship. In 1793, the two lovers got separated from each other while she was still pregnant with his child. The reason being that, war was declared between France and England, hence their separation. William Wordsworth was then affected by the activity of some radicals such as William Godwin when he was left floating aimlessly and especially without any source of income.

Somewhere around the period of 1802, the fight between England and France was soothed and this gave William Wordsworth the opportunity to be able to see his Annette Vallon and their beautiful daughter. She was named Caroline. He was so happy to see them and most especially, to have to meet his daughter who was born away from him.

When William Wordsworth returned to England, his path met with Mary Hutchinson. They got married and gave birth to the first of their 5 children in the year, 1803. Even as a married man, William Wordsworth never gave up on writing. Among the works he worked on are; I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud and Ode: Intimidations of Immortality. These were published in one of the poet’s poetry collections in 1807.

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William Wordsworth’s Life As A Poet

William Wordsworth was permitted to live with his sister after he received inheritance in 1795. Samuel Taylor and William became very close friends in 1795 and worked on their worldly known ‘Lyrical Ballad‘ in 1798. The collection had poems such as Tintern Abbey, Rime of the Ancient Mariner and was also assisted with Romanticism take in the aspect of English Poetry collectively. Around the same year, Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor’s Lyrical Ballad was published. William then started to work on his new project ‘The Prelude‘, which was an epic autobiographical poem that would be referenced throughout his life. While he was busy working on the project, he wrote and published other poetry works such as ‘Lucy’. After, he also wrote a befitting preface for the second edition of Lyrical Ballads.

The Prelude was then published officially in the year 1850.

Most people describe his poetry works to carry very enormous and powerful emotions with very strong romantic principles.

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William Wordsworth’s Contribution To Poetry and Philosophy

William Wordsworth was seen to have started to stop the act of radicalism as he grew up. He was titled as a distributor of stamps and had to relocate his family to a new apartment in Lake District. Wordsworth became a very strong follower of the right-winger Tories in 1818. Through his overwhelming works which included mourning the passage of two of his children in the year 1812. Between the years of 1798 and 1808, William Wordsworth reached the pinnacle of his God given gift.



William Wordsworth was identified and celebrated as England’s poet laureate in 1843. He died on 23rd April, 1850 at Rydal Mount, Westmoreland, England at his home.

At What Age Did William Wordsworth Die?

William Wordsworth died at the age of 80. Thus, between the years of 1770 and 1850.

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Summary Profile

Name: William Wordsworth

Date of Birth: 7th April, 1770

Aged: 80

Death Date: 23rd April, 1850

Place Of Birth: Rydal Mount, Westmoreland, England

Education: Hawkshead Grammar School, Cambridge University

Profession: Poet, writer

Wife: Mary Hutchinson



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