Rolls-Royce Has About 75% Of Produced Cars Still On The Way; This Is Why


One of Rolls-Royce’s hidden but factual stories is that about 75% of the cars the luxury car company has ever produced are still on the road and not yet in the market.

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The key to achievement in the luxury market, clarifies Mr. Muller-Otvos, is that buyers yearn to be able to tell their families, friends, and business associates some reasonable stories about what they have bought. For a car production brand as great in history as Rolls-Royce, it’s no problem for them at all.

Rolls-Royce factory

One of it’s most desired stories is that about three-quarters of the cars the company has ever produced are still on the road: “It is a smart investment,” he announces. McLaren, a prosperous British producer of sports cars, is bringing out on its ancestry as a Formula 1 racing team.

Tesla’s Model S recognition in being a developed luxury car made by a Silicon Valley start-up created by a tech billionaire.


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