How Telling People Your Good News Can Transform You


Mother Earth is full of resentments, fear, and dangerous envy, where people find joy in people’s pains and mock a great man’s downfall. This is human nature, and nowadays almost every human feels envy. The feelings others have more of what we want, possessions, fame, promotion, money. We think we deserve to have as much as they do, and sometimes secretly envy them.

Envy Among Individuals

If you suspect someone who appears to envy you, tell them some good news about yourself, a promotion, landing a new project, getting married, traveling, and notice how they secretly envy you. Notice their tone of voice as they congratulate you, focus your attention on their eyes, is their face lighten up? Is their jaw-dropping with bliss? If you notice otherwise, shows they are not happy about your good news.

On the other hand, envious people cannot help but feel happy when they heard of the bad luck of those they envy you. Tell a suspected envier some good news about yourself and see how they secretly envy you. I knew about a poet who murdered his fellow poet just because he’s getting too much attention from the masses. I know a politician who murdered another successful politician. I know of a pastor who killed a fellow pastor because of a large congregation. I know of a mother who poisoned her son because of a husband’s inheritance. It all happens because of envy.

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If you attain success, or you accomplished something great, watch out and protect your soul and your circle too. There is nothing more intoxicating than success, and nothing is more dangerous. Napoleon Bonaparte once remarked:

“The greatest dangers occur at the moment of victory. You will attract various people and some of them are likely to envy you.”

The most trigger form of envy is a sudden change of status or a sudden life-changing event. Be extra wary of those you left behind, some of them are likely to envy you. I have witnessed a person who poisons her co-worker, all because of envy. If you seem to envy those people with greater success and attention, lets reminds ourselves with attention comes a lot of responsibilities and painful events. Over wealthy people are often miserable, with endless nightmares and with the most spoiled and unloving children.

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Therefore, envying them is not of good use to you. So instead of finding joy in people’s pains, it is generally wise to empathize with them. Feel their pain, and show a sense of empathy, it makes you more humane with emotion. If you find yourself in an envy attack, diverts your energy in controlling your emotions. It is natural for people to envy you because you have accumulated what they lack. Envy is a dangerous thing and almost every human feels it, but we will never admit it.

How Telling People Your Good News Can Transform You

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If you feel envy towards people. You can slowly practice what Friedrich Nietzsche called ‘Mitfrude‘ which means “finding empathy in people’s pains and find joy in people’s luck.” Always remember, the more you rejoice with people, the happiness you feel inside you is likely to attract your goodness to you. Don’t also forget that, humans are the most complex animal by nature, our complexity makes what people think inside their minds a mystery to us.


It is difficult to distinguish people who are likely to harm us. Learn the ability to decode people, be more curious about things and people. Your life depends on your inner soul and spirit. Always find a remedy to your daily activity attacks or problems from whatever you believe in. It will always give you a clear clue to always remain a step ahead. These paragraphs must always stay in your memory. Don’t be careless because when you’re going to the afterlife, you’re going with your own eyes!!

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